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About Brac

Brac Island is situated in the middle of Dalmatian sea near Solta and Brac island. Due to vicinity of city like Split and frequent ferry traffic it’s considered the island with the heaviest traffic. With the island area of about 395km2, it is the biggest island in Adriatic Sea. Distance from the mainland is about 6 to 13km. Island belongs to Mediterranean climate. With its mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers it’s the area in Adriatic with the highest number of sunny days in a year.

The island of Brac is a good choice for those who love a good time and for those seeking peace and quiet. Everyone can find something for themselves whether it is classic or fun music, concert, exhibition or just a relaxing vacation on the beaches. Bol has a long tradition of night life with plenty of bars, cocktail bars for youngsters and adults.

Vegetation consists mainly of oak and pine trees. The island is famous for its stone, which was used for many cultural monuments in Croatia and worldwide. On the side of the island that faces the mainlands are some notable towns like Sutivan, Supetar, Splitska, Postira, Pucisca, Povlja. On the west side of the island is the Milna town and on the south side Bol town, with large night club where people gather after enjoying the beach and water sports.

In Pucisce – centre industry of Brac stone is a stone carving school . You can visit their shop and exhibits. In the village Mirca near Supetar you can visit the Museum of olives and olive oil and Vidova gora – the highest peak of all the Adriatic islands with beautiful seaview . At the top of the church of Sv.Vida in ruins there is a small inn and stone tables.

Supetar is the most famous port on the island with many exposures and events, acapela singers, restaurants and bars. The landscape is dominated by pine trees and undergrowth. Most famous cultures are vine and olive trees. At the heart of the pine woods near Sutivan town there is an area of 12000km² which became Nature Park.

Brac kitchen offers appreciated specialities like „Vitalac“ – lamb offal that sticks through it piece by piece to a thin skewer lamb wrapped a handkerchief. Another speciality is „Butalac“-stuffed leg of lamb, rubbed with aromatic herbs, watered wine, tingulli lamb, braised lamb and many other specialties from the famous Brac lamb. You can also enjoy cheese, fish, seafood, noodles, fresh fruit and vegetables.