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About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the most notorious cultural, economic and tourist centre in the Mediterranean. City is located on the southern Adriatic and lies on the southern slopes of Mount Srd. Wider Dubrovnik area include a 250km long narrow coastal strip. Dubrovnik was the centre of the Dubrovnik Republic and most of time was the only opponent of the Venetian republic, on the eastern side of Adriatic Sea. With its 300 ships, the famous medieval Dubrovnik held at the time of the Republic, connections to the entire Mediterranean and traded with the Balkans.

Strong seafaring, trade and crafts enabled the construction of architecturally the most beautiful city of Croatian coast. Popular city suburbs are Ploce, Pile, Lapad and Gruz. In the past, city experienced various troubles. It has been suffering from epidemic diseases and especially the plague.Twelve times city was destroyed by catastrophic earthquakes. Conflict between the people and the aristocracy put an end to the Republic.

Dubrovnik is the city of exceptional natural beauty with rocky coastline, many coves, sandy beaches and steep cliffs. The mild climate improves the growth of lush vegetation. Complete Dubrovnik Riviera and Elafite islands are covered with beautiful olive groves, vineyards and fruit trees, Mediterranean evergreen plants, pines and cypresses.

Dubrovnik is the world’s second open-air museum. The old part of Dubrovnik is fortified by walls and towers which acquired today look in the 15th and 16 century. On the southeast side of the sea is the castle of St. John. Tower Minceta is located on the north-western corner of city. Fort Lawrence is situated on the rocks, outside the outer wall on the west side of Dubrovnik (37 meters above sea level).

Dubrovnik is a city with a rich cultural heritage. The town’s palaces, churches and squares become stages, and actors dressed in prince costumes and Dubrovnik aristocrats, represent the old days of cultural events and freedom of the Dubrovnik Republic. The oldest and most prestigious cultural institution in Croatia is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The festival is held in July and August.

City’s main source of music is Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra ,which continues a tradition that began in the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. Orchestra performs regularly at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Rachlin Festival, the festival of chamber music is held at the end of summer. The most popular beaches are Copacabana, Banja and Lapad beach. Many tourist magazines proclaimed the beach under the city walls, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.