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Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik is a famous cultural and tourist place of the world. Among the rich variety of exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances and various festivals (St. Blaise, Linoto-folk ensemble, Libertas Film Festival, International Film Festival), stands out the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, manifestation which is held under the open sky in attractive locations in the city with numerous cultural performances.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the oldest and most prestigious cultural institution in Croatia. It is held once a year, from July 10th to August 25th. Festival organizes theatre and musical stage events of national importance and of interest to the Republic of Croatia. Dubrovnik Summer Festival was founded in 1950, during the formation of numerous theatre and music events in Europe.

Festival was founded in a city that is recognized by UNESCO, as part of a protected cultural heritage. Performances and concerts are performed exclusively in historical settings such as: Renaissance squares, Gothic palaces, gardens, Baroque churches and historic streets of the city.

The aim of the festival is to keep the leading position in the Croatian cultural scene that is based on a rich and vibrant heritage. Festival is the intersection of Croatian and world spirit and culture, also a place of creation, meeting ideas and new projects.

The backbone of the Festival are works of Marin Drzic, Ivan Gundulic, Ivo Vojnovic, William Shakespeare, Carl Godonia and the Greek tragedians. The musical part of the program represents the best local composers, soloists, orchestras and their foreign guests. Comic opera is also part of the program. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra performs regularly as part of the Festival.

Great attention is focused on Dubrovnik classics of 18th century, especially to composers Luke Sorkocevic and Ivan Mani Jarnovic. Opening ceremony is held on the Sponza square. On the terrace above the porch of Sponza Palace, actors dressed in costumes princes and Dubrovnik aristocrats, evoke the past cultural events and freedom of the Dubrovnik Republic.

In the early years, Festival was more focused on older works of Croatian and world drama (Marin Drzic, Hanibal Lucic, John Gundulic, and Sophocles) but very quickly in repertoire have entered artists like Bertolt Brecht, Jonesco, Ivo Vojnovic, Miroslav Krleza and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The most prominent world artists who performed at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival were instrumental soloists: pianist S. Richter, Van Ciliburn, Mr. Bachaner, Futsong, and A.Watts. From local authors it is worth to mention M.Lorkovic, J. Murai, V. Krpan and P.Gvozdovic.

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