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About Lastovo

Island Lastovo is synonym for preserved and untouched nature, clean sea, lush vegetation, small hills, intoxicating scent of sage, bay leaves, rosemary, undersea flora and fauna and culinary experience with glass of Lastovo Marastina. Lastovo Island is the southernmost Croatian island. It is located 14 km to the south of the island of Korcula and west of Mljet island. Around the island there are 46 islets and reefs. The island area is 41 km2 and 70% of the area is forested. The whole Lastovo archipelago in 2007 was proclaimed as park of nature. The highest peak of Lastovo is Hum (417m).

The island is full of small and secluded beaches, bays, fertile plains, valleys, medieval churches, numerous olive groves and vineyards. You can visit all by walking or cycling. The most famous resorts are Zaklopatica, Pasadur, Hidden port and Ubli harbour. The town Lastovo is old medieval town with a long and interesting history. It has the shape of an amphitheatre, and it is surrounded by hills. Lucica is a village of about 30 houses in the bay. It is historically protected site. One of the most beautiful bay is Hidden port, attractive for boaters, hidden from the wind and views.

Lastovo fosters old tradition of folk carnival Poklad for four centuries. It is the original multi-day folk show where everything happens according to strict old ritual that celebrates all the help by St. Jure who defended people against pirates.

Lastovo has a long tradition of dancing folk dances and even today Lastovsko dance is actual. If we mention recreational activities, especially the popular is hiking, diving, sailing, jogging and biking on the footpaths.

Spend free time visiting many medieval buildings, medieval churches and the excavation of an early Christian basilica from the 5th and 6th century. Particularly notable is castle and princes palace on hill, the parish church of St. Cosmas and Damian from the 14th century, Basilica of St. Peter, the church of St. Mary and St.Luke church.

As a former Yugoslav army island, Lastovo is imbued with a military giant underground tunnels and warehouses. A special attraction is a garage for mariners built in the 50s of the last century. Lighthouse Struga from 19th century is the interesting place which is among the elderly in the Adriatic. In town of Ubli on the west side of islands there are remains of stone tombs from ancient times.

Lastovo Statute from the 1310 is an unique example of the legal life of the small island commune.In the past Island Lastovo was known by name Imperial Island and only town Lastovo was built in its present location in the inner part of the island thousand years ago.