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About Opatija

Opatija with its many luxurious villas, cottages, hotels, boarding houses, pavilions, pools, promenades and beautiful parks celebrate 170 years of tourism. Merchant from Rijeka, Igni Scarpa in 1844, bought a modest house and turned it into a beautiful villa, named after his late wife Angiolini. Villa Angiolina in Opatija is a building that marked the beginning of tourism in city.

Since then, Opatija is visited by a many passengers and among them were the prominent figures as the Austrian empress Maria Anna, botanist Heinrich Noah and Croatian Ban Josip Jelacic. The villa is surrounded by a park, the famous arboretum, which is a significant example of horticulture parks heritage. The building is symmetrical with a monumental staircase from the sea front, which is the central part of the park with flower rotunda.

The central Opatija Park is a horticultural monument planted with150 plant species. A large part comes from distant parts of the world, the Far East, South America and Australia. A special place in the park occupies the Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica) which became the recognized symbol of Opatija.

In the park you might also want to visit Church of St. James, oldest building in city. It was built on the foundation of a Benedictine monastery and was first mentioned in 1439. In the middle, between the church and the monastery there is bell tower built of stone and right next to the church is a cloister with a well in the middle.

Opatija by its tradition and history has always been a city of festivals and spectacles. Festival in Opatija with big summer stage is an institution founded by the city to enrich the cultural life of the guests and visitors. Big stage is ideal for keeping all musical, theatrical or combined art forms of classical operas, operettas, ballets and musicals through contemporary jazz, pop, rock concerts and entertainment to various social events.

In Opatija you are always welcomed guest, and you can enjoy healthy food, full of flavour. Fish, crustaceans and molluscs are evidence of clear Adriatic Sea, fruits and vegetables from unpolluted soil is best choice of healthy food. Some of the famous delicacies are: Kvarner scampi, wild asparagus, Lovran chestnuts and truffles. Souvenir of Opatija Riviera is a dessert cake “Opatija’s Camellia”.

If you are attracted to beautiful gravel, sand and concrete beaches, you will find it all in Opatija. Slatina is the largest beach and one of the major events in the city. It is characterized by clear water, parasols and showers.