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About Pag

The island of Pag is located between the Velebit Channel and Kvarneric and between the island of Rab and Oliba Vira near the mainland. Island length is about 60 km. Pag bridge is connected to the mainland. It is one of the biggest and sunniest islands in the Adriatic. The island area is 286.6 km2 and has over 2500 hours per year.

The island of Pag is one of the most indented islands. Its coastline is full with coves, bays, beaches and capes. Healing mug can be found In the land part of the island. The eastern part of the island is quite, naked, not well intended, steep and high, due to strong winds and western part of island is green, lower and tamer.

It is the largest territory of rocky ground, intersected with the stone walls that represent the hard life and tremendous effort of the people of the island.Aromatic herb cover, sage and immortelle form the basis of the food of sheep on the rocky ground and give special flavour to the Pag cheese.

Pag cheese with lace is the most famous symbol of the island. Pag lace is fostered through the centuries. Middle of the island of Pag intersects 15th meridian at which counts Central European Time.

Evergreen scrub oak, holm oak and Aleppo pine grows on the island. Paths with sage and immortelle lead the way to St. Vida, the highest peak on the island, which offers a beautiful view of the sea. Underwater is habitat for many species of crustaceans, molluscs and corals, and it is interesting for many divers of adventurous spirit. On the island there are three freshwater wetland lakes: Big Mud, Little Mud and Kolan mud. They have been declared as ornithological reserves.

You can find sources of drinking water and springs in the sea. The population of the island of Pag is engaged in viticulture, livestock, olive growing and fishing and more recently – tourism. On the island there are 20 villages and some of them are: Pag, Povljana, Novalja, Kosljun, Potocnica, Kolan and Miskovici. Novalja is a tourist center, located on the northwest side of the island with beautiful beaches. It is located on the maritime routes of Kvarner to Dalmatia. From the rich history there are three early Christian basilicas.

Zrce Beach is the most famous beach in Croatia with many restaurants and entertaining content. The beach is sandy and enriched with many bars where you can have a fun by day and night. Pag female slave event is most popular tradition from early ages based on folk and pastoral plays.