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About Porec

Porec is located on the western side of the Istria. The old town centre lies on a peninsula surrounded by the limestone covered with fertile red soil. The foundations of the old town are set during the reign of the Roman Empire. From then, until now city maintained a regular geometric arrangement of streets. The most important monument was left by Byzantium – St. Euphrasius basilica built in the 6 the century whose value is recognized by UNESCO, the protector of the world heritage.

The turbulent history has left valuable and indelible traces of different cultures in the city. The entire old town is a living monument. In addition to the cultural values, Porec is full of natural beauty, greenery and flowers. Oak and pine forests stretch almost to the sea. Peninsulas and bays are alternated along the coast. The city has more than 3850 hours of sunshine a year, an average of more than 10 hours of sun on a summer day. The sea temperature is 28 ° C which is higher than the temperature in most part of Adriatic Sea.

Today, the main source of income is trade, banking, communications and tourism. Tourist infrastructure is distributed along 37 kilometres of coastline between the river Mirna and the Lim Channel. In the south there are independent centres like Blue Lagoon, Green Lagoon, White Bay and Brulo. To the north there are Metarda, Cervar Bay, Ulika and Lanterna. This summer suburbs have their own hotels, beaches, camps, marinas, shopping centres, transport, golf and a variety of shops. In the last ten years, the city has won the award – “Champion of Tourism”, „Flower of tourism” and “Tourist star.”

A multitude of cultural, musical and entertainment programs delights guests of Porec every summer. Regular season for many decades opens with meeting of choruses “Our Song is Nice.” The three-day event is held in the Istrian Parliament and last evening with music spiritual character is held in Euphrasios basilica. In July and August you can enjoy traditionally held musical events “Concerts in Euphrasia” and jazz evenings in the Porec Museum.

Street Art Festival is a festival of international character, which includes all forms of artistic, stage and musical expression, visual art projects and various types of street acrobatics. City Porec invites you to enjoy in various summer events such as Golden sopela – Mediterranean folklore meeting on Freedom Square, all-day sports and entertainment events, Borik Festivities – entertaining program on Porec boardwalk, the seaside promenade – Porec 24 hours, the International Handball Tournament – Porec Handball Cup , swimming marathon – Porec dolphin, a manifestation of old customs – Giostra and international cycling race.