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About Rab

The island of Rab with Pag island makes an eastern interior of the Kvarner islands separated from the mainland by the Velebit channel. The island area is 90.8 sq. km, of which 40% is under a green blanket. The entire island has witnessed turbulent and rich history because of the many rulers who ruled the island over the centuries. They have left their marks as many forts, buildings and culture.

Mountain chain Kamenjak protect the island from the wind. Mistrals wind blows during the summer months with pleasant breeze that soothes summer heat. The number of sunshine hour is 2,479 hours per year and in July the average is 12 hours per day by which the island is one of the sunniest parts of Europe. Swim season runs from May to October when the average sea temperature reaches 20 °C. The pleasant climate and favourable conditions affect the respiratory system and the heart so that the island is natural spa and a place to relax and restore vital energy.

The island of Rab is a town and seven other resorts – Barbat, Palit, Kampor, Mundavija, Supetar fisheries and marine. The town of Rab in the last ten years was declared the winner of prestigious national and international awards. National awards “Blue Flower” , “Tourist Flower” and international award “Entente floral” – European award for sustainable tourism development, promoted island of Rab in Europe and worldwide.

Greenest area of island Rab is Kalifronta where you can find best preserved plantation trees on the Mediterranean. Together with holm you might also find strawberry, black and white pine. Forest “Dundo” on Kalifront is specially protected area as a nature reserve. The forest is open to visitors and picnickers. Forest provides unique environment rich in flora and fauna, the rich bird life, butterflies, small animals, reptiles, various flowers, aromatic plants and herbs.

Of particular interest are two ornithological habitats for migratory birds. One is located in the bay of Saint Euphemi and second in Supetarska bay. The highest part of the Rab is range Kamenjak whose direction is parallel to the Velebit mountain range and has the highest peak at 408 meters. In Lopar Peninsula you will discover numerous shallow sandy beaches in numerous coves. On the island there are two large bays – Supetar and Kamporska. The most interesting part of the island is part from the Cape Kalifronta to cape Frkanj where you can find beautiful coves for swimming and relaxing.

Coast is mixed with seaside, Mediterranean forest,coastal karst and multitude of small roads.Walking paths are real attraction for lovers of cycling. For those who like hiking paths, Lopar can be good choice together with Kalifront and decorated walking trail along the coast Banjol-Barbat-Lungo Mare.