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Rapska Fiera

Rapska Fiera

Rapska Fiera is a three day event, which is held in the town of Rab. Reclaimed ceremony of Rapska Fiera is held in a shortened period for three days: 25th Of July – Feast of St. James, 26th of July – Feast of St Anne, 27th of July – Feast of St. Christopher. In that time, the town of Rab transforms into a medieval stage. Costumed islanders with try to portray the life of their ancestors. All the people of Rab and all his guests celebrate two great holidays – Dies Victoraie and Dies Natalis.

These two holidays are proclaimed as municipal holidays on 21 July 1364, by the Grand Chamber, in honour of King Louis the Great, who liberated Rab from the Venetians and the sacred memory and honour to St. Christopher, who liberated Rab from Romans in 1075. Shot of gun on Square of St. Christopher, marks the beginning of Rapska Fiera. In accordance with the arrival of the Rab prince, all the festivities started with Mass at the Cathedral.

The mass was attended by Prince, judges, municipal councils, nobility, merchants, artisans, craftsmen, artists, population and visitors who are then all moving together to the City Lodge. In a solemn procession, St.Christopher’s head in a silver reliquary is carried through the city. There is a book in which the participants sign up, but for last year’s book is opened for all guests. After the sign up, medieval craftsmen, artisans and merchants go to their workshops.

Everything that is made by hand of medieval masters is offered for sale: coins, plates, baskets, oysters, barrels, scissors, shoes, names and messages written in Glagolitic. City guards keep an eye on law and order, and you can see lepers and scenes of bringing prisoners. Be part of fishing festival, which fosters the old way of fishing. The restaurants offer freshly baked bread with smoked ham, cheese, lamb and good wine.

On the streets of Rab, illuminated by torches, you can see and hear traditional dance, music concerts and choirs. The most attractive part of event is knight tournament of Rab’s crossbowmen. In 1364, when the first knight games were held, winner was rewarded by house or gold coins, and today the most accurate knight for a gift gets a gift of the city (usually medallion). Rapska Fiera is the most attractive summer event in Rab. The event has been awarded by prestige reward “Blue Flower”.

Rab Fiera features artisans, craftsmen and cultural clubs from the island of Rab and gathers Rab crossbowmen, coopers, shoemakers, goldsmiths, masons, city guard, ladies and nobles, basket-weavers, seamstresses,chandler, bakers, blacksmiths and fishermen. When Fiera is finished, it is just one in a series of a hundred reasons why to come to Rab and enjoy the charms of this island of exceptional historical heritage, beautiful beaches, relaxing nature and vitality appropriate to the 21st century.

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