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About Rijeka

Rijeka is the largest port in Croatia, the third largest city in Croatia and access to the sea for the entire central Croatia and most part of Central Europe.City is located in the west on the northern Croatian coast of the Gulf of Rijeka as part of a larger Kvarner bay. In the immediate vicinity of the city there are cities Opatija, Crikvenica, Bakar Bay and island of Krk. Climate is temperate and humid. The average temperature in January is 5.6 C and the average temperature in July is 23.6 C. According to the census in 2011, Rijeka has 128,624 inhabitants.

The beating heart of the Rijeka is Old Town, which is located on the right bank of river Rjecina. Valuable archaeological excavations and a tangle of old tunnels are located beneath the streets of the old town. The most famous street in Rijeka is Korzo. It is a place where people socialize, conclude transactions, acquaintances and go shopping. Here you can find many bars, restaurants and a souvenir shops with a wide selection of “Moretto”. Moretto is one of the most famous symbols of the city of Rijeka, typical jewellery worn by fishermen and sailors to protect them from evil.

Along the waterfront there are buildings from the 19th century, when the Rijeka was powerful trading port. Most representative building from this period is the Adria Palace from 1897. Meantime, the palace was renovated into a building. On the top of the building, brass dome and stone sculptures are facing the sea which represents seafarers. Sculptures facing the mainland represent four continents. Inside the building, you might also want to check magnificent atrium with arcades and original elevator from the 19th century.

City of Rijeka, today is known for its famous manifestations. Be part of Rijeka Carnival, which is one of the fifth largest carnivals in the world. It involves a large number of the population of Rijeka and the Kvarner. Summer Gradina, musical theatre event every summer brings to life the magical Gradina place on Trsat with music, word, movement and image.The highest cultural institution in the city – Croatian National Theatre organizes Rijeka Summer Nights, which are held in June and July at various specific locations in the city as paper mill and torpedo factory, so the audience can get to know the heritage of industrial architecture of the city.

In Rijeka kitchen you can taste influences of Austrian, Italian and even French cuisine but local dishes have maintained the characteristics of Mediterranean culture with a glass of wine. Bread, tuna tartar, risotto with cuttlefish, anchovy patties, and boiled prawns are part of Rijeka standard menu. This delicious food can be tasted in many restaurants and in taverns. You can also find restaurants where you can taste vegetarian, fish, meat and exotic specialties.