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About Sipan

Sipan Island is an oasis of peace and beauty. It is a destination that attracts tourists with spacious beautiful beaches, delightful creeks, secret coves, clear water, the scent of herbs, beautiful gardens, famous Sipan wine, healthy and delicious food. Sipan is largest and most beautiful island in the Elaphite islands and it is located north west of Dubrovnik.

Area of island is 16km2 and the length is around 9 km. It is separated to mainland by the Kolocepski channel. Sipan’s harbour is located on the west side of island and Sudurad town is on the east side. Two places are connected by road links across the fertile Sipan fields. Sipan town has a significant harbour, where a ferry can dock with vehicles. The residents are engaged in fishing, olive trees, figs, grapes and almonds.

City Sipanjska Luka counts 150 inhabitants, in the two summer months that number is multiplied ten times. For those who want peace and relaxation the best time for holiday season is out of season, especially September. Island of Sipan is dominated by underbrush, Aleppo pine and stone areas. Sipan Island has the largest number of plant species in the Elafite group of islands. There are rare and endangered plants: coastal cyclamen, wormwood and Adriatic violet.

It is island with the most olives in relation to its size and population, and has entered Guinness’s book of records. The island has been inhabited since the time of the Illyrians, which is proven by defensive walls from the Illyrian times. Prove of Roman inhabitants are Villa Rustica in Sipan harbour and preserved ornamental stones. On the island there are 34 churches and chapels and 42 old mansions.

The most important building is located in the Sudurd as renaissance castle of Stjepovic-Skocibuha family from the 16th century. In the castle complex there are defensive towers which were used for defence against pirates. Church of St Spirit and the church of St. Peter from 11th century are located on Velje peak (243m).Sipan harbour offers a multitude of private guest houses with rooms and apartments. Small hotel Sipan was built in the Sipan harbour. The bay can accommodate about 70 sailboats because the bay is 2,5 km (1,5 miles) long.

Sipan has many nice beaches where you can enjoy in the sun and swim in the clean blue sea. It is beautiful island for spend a vacation and having a great time. When visiting Dubrovnik, you should also visit Sipan at least for one day. Sipan Island is connected via Sudurad with Dubrovnik with daily catamaran, boat and ferry. Driving to Dubrovnik takes an hour.