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About Solta

Solta Island is a tourist destination that attracts tourists with exceptionally preserved natural wealth, abundance of herbs, olive groves, vineyards and honey from wild rosemary. The symbol of the island is cuvita-small owl. It is located in central Dalmatia, near Split, west of the island Brac. Area of the island is 51.9 km2. The island is separated from the mainland by the Split Channel.

Newest resort on the island is village Necujam. It is located in a beautiful bay with a large beach and many amenities. Stomorska is the right choice if you like authentic Dalmatian village. It is an old fishing village and the second most important tourist destination. The largest and oldest settlement on the island is Grohote-economic and cultural centre in the middle of the island. Rogac is a major port with beautiful bays and beaches.

The importance and beauty of the island of Solta was noticed by Roman emperor Diocletian, who built baths and an aquarium in the 295. The island was first mentioned in Greek sources in the first travel guide from first century BC as Olyntha which means “early figs”.

Beautiful beaches are trademark of Solta Island. If you want gravel, sand or stone beach on the island of Solta you will find it all. The coast of Solta is 71.3 km long. A true example of untouched nature is a beach in town Maslinica. Largest artificial stone beach is located in Necujam. On the beach there are restaurants, fast food, tennis courts, table tennis, boat rental and other facilities.

Solta offers a wide range of dishes, from fish to meat dishes. During the summer months, most meat and fish dishes are prepared on grill. Each restaurant has its own famous recipes for which they prepare local specialties. The recipe is simple – olive oil, parsley and garlic. All of this is used for marinating meat and fish.

You can find gravel beach in Stomorska where many swimmers are attracted by large stone slabs on which you can freely enjoy the sun. Particularly interesting are the events in the summer months. Event called “Pulling Mrduja” is event, which aim is to bring together solta and Solta Island. Event is based on an old legend that the inhabitants of Brac and Solta pulled island Mrduja by rope because they did not agree with whom island belongs.

Fishing evenings are held in town Stomorska. Night of the pirates is an event during which pirates abduct many innocent people and blame them for all problems in the last year. Solta is not island of fun but it is more island for relax and peace in the healthy climate. Other places have their own small catering charms in which they organize festivities and public celebrations. For those who like to walk they can do it through fields of costal farmers, vineyards, olive groves of town Grohote, Gornje Selo or along the Necujam bay.