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Days of Diocletian

Days of Diocletian

Days of Diocletian is traditional cultural, musical and tourist event. It is a valuable event held in August, which evokes old days of the Emperor Diocletian. Dalmatia emerged from the Roman region, and Split was holiday villa for the Roman Emperor. Roman legions are lined in the streets and squares. Emperor Diocletian and Empress Prisca are driving in the carriage with horse along the waterfront,Marmont Street over King Tomislav street to statue of Grgur Ninski. In the city peristyle, Emperor greets the crowd, co-regents and his family.

Mayor of Split handle all power to Emperor Diocletian for the next four days. Children’s choir “Srdelice” wishes welcome to the Emperor, who speaks to the people and promises them bread and games. In the next four days, Emperor will rule the streets, hotels, streets, coast and take care of people. In the city you can hear sounds of horns, drums and Roman music that will take you back to ancient times and times of founding era of Diocletian’s Palace before the more than 1700 years.

Be part of concerts of Dalmatian choir in togas, gladiator fights, Diocletian’s Fair and performance of street entertainers. Guests in toga go to imperial cellars to enjoy what their ancestors ate. These are the 1700 years old various delicacies like pork in honey, arambasici, handmade colourful macaroni with shrimp, pasta with anchovies, squid stew and monkfish with cornmeal from Skradin , minced at the 400 years old mill.

Meantime, choirs, concert programs and costumed group of nobles are entertaining the people on the markets, boardwalks and Fruit square. Days of Diocletian have become a recognizable brand of Split, which each year attracts more and more tourists from abroad. Emperor origins were from a peasant family. He rose from an ordinary soldier to the military commander of the imperial bodyguard. To achieve he’s ambitions he fought the current Emperor Carinus. Diocletian lost the main battle, but he became emperor by organizing the murder of Carinus.

As emperor, he was the fiercest persecutor of Christians and persecution began A.D 303 .The most famous victim of his persecution was the Bishop Dominos (today known as Saint Duje, city saint). Diocletian was declared himself as the son of Jupiter and demanded that everyone in front of him shall kneel, and respect him as a living god. On May 1, 305, he renounced the royal honour, and retired to his palace in Dalmatia, which was built on the territory of city Split.In private life he suffered a severe tragedy when his usurper Licinius had killed his wife Priscilla and daughter Valeria. He died in 316, at age 81, although there is a theory that he poisoned himself because he was afraid that he would be killed by his ancestors.Ancient history will shine with its original glory!

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