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About Umag

Umag is a Mediterranean town and port on the north west of Istria. It is famous for being the host of the ATP tournament. It attracts numerous top world tennis players and is therefore called a city of tourism and sport. It is located only ten km from the Slovenian border and Savudrija. Umag is mentioned in the seventh Century, although it existed in Roman as evidenced by the ruins of the Roman villa along the coast.

Invasion and conquest were followed after the Roman era and diseases such as plague, cholera and malaria that exhausted the town. Byzantines, Lombards, Franks and Venice were fighting to take control of Umag. After the Second World War II town became a part of Yugoslavia and in the 1997 it was awarded city status. Umag was a small island, separated from the mainland by a narrow channel and walls.

Today it is known for high quality hotels, parks, apartment complexes, bungalows, natural beauty and tradition of the old town. In city you will discover rich Venetian houses, ancient churches, old castles, beautiful forts and most prestigious marina.Umag offers a possibility of a perfect holiday and nightlife with excellent music, dance, exhibitions, performances, concerts and folk festivals where you can taste wines from local producers. You can taste dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. Umag is known for its authentic olive oil – Terra Istriana (virgin olive oil with green color and intense fragrance).

Of particular interests are The old town – old town core with medieval architecture, City Museum in the medieval tower is home to an impressive collection of antique items and exhibition space of contemporary artists, Signet – villa with baroque-classicist style from the 18th Century and chapel from the 17th Century , Sepomai – the ancient port of the ancient village, a luxurious villa and many antique items and Kastel Adriatic – part of the lost city Siparis which remains are located below sea level.

Be part of Day of St. Peregrine – religious and folk festival with a rich entertainment content and gastronomy program, Days of Open wine cellars – wine presentation, Umagoloud – festival of sound art and urban art , Umagoblues – a music festival, Istria Gourmet and Jazz Festival – Jazz and gastronomic experiences, ATP tournament – well known international tennis tournament, Sepomai viva – Antique Festival , Umag night – the rich cultural and entertainment program and Organum Histriae – festival of organs and organ music.