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About Zadar

Zadar is a city and port of northern Dalmatia and is located north of the city of Sibenik. It is situated in the heart of the eastern Adriatic coast and surrounded by Flat Kotari in the hinterland and mountain Velebit. City is protected by the archipelago of islands, which is unique phenomenon and consists of 24 large and 300 small islands and reefs. A jewel of Zadar archipelago is Kornati islands with the National park and 89 uninhabited islands.

Kornati islands provide numerous hidden places – bays, straits, channels and beaches. It is a paradise for boaters and for all those who love peace, quiet and solitude. In the nearby area there are national park Paklenica, Krka and parks of nature – Velebit and Telascica. Mediterranean climate gives a special charm to this city with average temperature 28 °C in July and minimum of 200 days of sunshine per year.

The city of Zadar, which is 3000 years old, is a real treasure trove of archaeological treasures and monuments from ancient, medieval and Renaissance times. Seventy churches and cultural monuments are located in the historic centre of the city; while in the wider area there are 600 cultural monuments. The most famous street in Zadar is Kalelagra or Wide Street. It extends in east-west direction from the town square to the forum. Besides being a symbol of the city it is one of the iconic place of the meeting, entertainment and procession.

“Greetings to the sun” is located on the Istrian coast at the very top of the Zadar peninsula, next to the famous “Sea organ”. It consists of 300 glass plates placed on the same level with the stone covering in a circle shape – 22 meters in diameter.The city of Zadar offers a rich life day and night. Concerts, theatre performances, folklore traditions, culinary events and sport events are held in the city. In summer, Zadar host musical evenings at church of St. Donatus. It is the oldest and most prestigious art event of Zadar dedicated to the music of the middle Ages, the Renaissance and early Baroque.

Also known is a festival of sovereign music – Zadar Summer Theatre, Kalellarg Art Festival and Urban festival – Zadar dreams. You can have fun at The Garden Festival, the night of the full moon, the Millennium Jump or one of the concerts of world music attractions and the folk feast days . The main beach is Borik in the northern part of the city. The beach is mostly gravel with a large bay and concrete plateaus. Beach offers a variety of activities such as wind surfing, jet ski, roller tubes and parasailing. You can rent various types of vessels.