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Health and safety

Health and safety

General information

Hospitals and clinics are located in all major cities in Croatia, and policlinics and pharmacies are located in all places. Citizens of the European Union who are in Croatia only temporarily, or are planning to stay in Croatia, and compulsory insured in one of the Member States of the European Union, have the right to use essential health care with European health insurance card, with payment of participation.

Tourists do not pay for medical services if the Health Care Convention (Convention on medical care) is signed between the Croatia and country of origin. It is necessary to present a certificate of insurance and passport.

The costs of medical services provided to people who come from countries with which Croatia has no contracts will be charged directly to the user. For patients whose lives are in danger, there is emergency transport by air or by sea. Tourists can use the services of private doctors and dentists where paying full price for medical services. Vaccination is not necessary to enter Croatia.

Travel insurance is insurance that covers theft, loss, accidents and health problems. It is advisable to pay travel insurance if you do not have insurance that is valid outside your country. Make sure you have insurance for medical evacuation. Collect and take with you all your personal and medical history as well:

  • Name and address of your insurance
  • Your blood group
  • Travel insurance
  • Person to contact in case of emergency
  • List of medications you are currently taking
  • List of vaccines with dates
  • List of food allergy and medication

The crime rate

In Croatia, the overall general crime is low, so Croatia is considered very safe with a low crime rate. But during the tourist season you have to be cautious. Be careful not to leave valuables unattended on beaches, cafes, clubs, apartments, without having to close the windows and lock them.

Do not leave valuables in your car that can be bait for burglary. Be careful if you stop to help someone on the road, it is possible that there is trick. Never take unknown luggage because it is one of the common ways of smuggling drugs.

Theft or loss of passport, or other document you need to register in to the nearest police station. There will be an official record and with same record you should contact the nearest Embassy of the Republic of Croatian, which will issue you identity pass after verification. With identity pass you can go home. You need as quickly as possible report theft or loss of credit card to your credit card provider.

Emergency calls

If you find yourself in a serious or life threatening situation, call the number 112. You can dial this number at any time of night, no matter where you are in the Republic of Croatia or in the European Union. A phone call is not charged. Calls can be made across all operators and all telephone devices. In the event of an accident, centre 112 can be contacted at one of the following foreign languages: English, German, Italian, Hungarian, Slovak and Czech.

Call 112 if you need:

  • Emergency medical services
  • Fire-fighters
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Help by other emergency services and the operating systems of protection and rescue

When you perform call, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • The nature of the incident
  • Time when the incident occurred
  • Where the incident occurred
  • Is there any injured people, and if it is, how many injured or ill, severity of injury and what kind of help you need.

Residence registration

Residence registration is a procedure which is important for personal safety and helps to overcome the inconveniences that may occur while you are on vacation. When you check in a hotel, hostel, camping or apartment you will automatically be registered with the police as required by law. If you are staying with friends, do it in person in a 24 hour period, register with your nearest police station and do not forget your passport.

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