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Travel to Croatia by car

General information

It is very important in what means of transport you will arrive in Croatia. You can use your car, bus, fly a plane, enjoy a train ride and arrive overseas by boat. When you decide, book your tickets and get started to plan your trip.

To enter Croatia by car you need following documents:

  • A valid driver’s license and registration
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • International certificate of car insurance, that is valid in the European Union or other evidence of such insurance. This applies to drivers of registered cars who are entering the Croatian territory:
  • Official license plate is considered as valid international certificate that is issued for a vehicle that derives from a country whose national office have signatory of the Multilateral Agreement.
  • Green card that is issued for a vehicle that derives from a country whose national office is not a signatory of the Multilateral Agreement.
  • *Recommendation – an international driving permit for possible car rental issued by Auto Club.


  • A1 Zagreb – Bosiljevo – Zadar – Sibenik – Split – Sestanovac – Ravca
  • A2 Zagreb – Zapresic – Krapina – Macelj
  • A3 Bregana – Zagreb – Slavonski Brod – Zupanja – Lipovac
  • A4 Zagreb – Varazdin – Gorican
  • A5 Osijek – Dakovo – Sredanci
  • A6 Zagreb – Karlovac – Bosiljevo – Vrbovsko – Rijeka
  • A7 Rijeka – Rupa

Semi Highway

  • Istria Y with toll stations “Tunnel Ucka” and the “Mirna” viaduct..
  • For the island of Krk, go through the bridge-only admission is paid for the entrance.

Petrol stations:

Petrol stations are opened every day from 7 to 18 hours, and in the summer to 22 hours. In larger cities and on the highway, stations are open for 24 hours. All stations sell Euro super 95, Super 98, and Euro super plus 98, Normal and Euro diesel and gas.

Road clues:

    Route from Italy:

  • From Zagreb; Trieste (Italy) – Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Zagreb
  • For Istria: Follow the direction of Koper (Slovenia) and Pula
  • For Dalmatia: Follow the direction to the highway A1 Zagreb-Split, or the main coastal cities Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

  • From Central Europe to Croatia:

  • For Zagreb, from Ljubljana (Slovenia) or Maribor (Slovenia)
  • For Dalmatia, via Ljubljana (SLO) but bearing in Postojna, Rijeka, and continue to Istria and Dalmatia.

During the summer months traffic at the border is heavier, so it supplements and makes connection between the two European routes: (E-59) Maribor-Zagreb-Split and (E-65) Rijeka-Split-Dubrovnik. In summer season, there are possible longer traffic jams at two tunnels St. Rok and Little Kapela. It is recommended to go by alternative directions across state roads. Call Croatian Automobile Club (tel +38514640800) for more information.

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