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Meat dishes

Meat dishes

Croatia’s Adriatic coast is the culinary part of the Mediterranean world. You can eat healthy food, full of flavour and prepared with passion of experienced chefs. Along the coast and in the interior, excellent restaurants offer always fresh and well prepared food, and you are always welcomed guest, wherever you choose to sit at the dining table.

Meat dishes usually include mutton or goat and veal. Especially delicious is lamb from Adriatic islands, because its meat is without specific smell and low fat. Lamb from island Krk is considered by many, the best lamb in the world because the lambs feed by various Mediterranean plants that grow on the island’s pastures. Lamb is prepared as a roast with potatoes and onions, cooked or roasted on grill.

Favourite meal of beef in Dalmatia is pasticada. Pork meat includes prosciutto and pancetta (bacon), which are smoked and dried in outdoor. Istria is known for zlumpert, pork marinated in wine, garlic and bay leaf. The meat is placed to dry 10-15 days. It is served in chunks, pan-fried or roasted with olive oil. Venison meat is full of flavour because game animals breathe clean mountain air.

Pheasant breast in sauce (Istria)

Prepared vegetables are placed on a baking sheet with pheasant breast on the top. Wine and broth are added in the end, and all ingredients are covered with foil. When ready, meat is cutted into thin slices. The tomatoes are cut into slices, seasoned with salt and fried. The sauce is prepared by frying flour on butter, and broth in which the meat was fried and boiled, together with fennel, lemon juice and cream. The meat is served on a plate together with rice, tomatoes and sauce.

Ombolo with sausage and sauerkraut (Istria and Kvarner)

Chopped onion is simmered on olive oil, salted together with red peppers and sauerkraut. Wine is added in the end, after fermentation, simmered and covered. Laurel is added at half stewing, with cabbage placed on a baking dish. In the meantime, the flour is added, stirred and slightly heated. Pork loin is cutted into thin slices together with sausages, sauté and poured with wine. When evaporates, wine absorbs baking juices. Sauerkraut and sausage meat is placed on cabbage. Dish is baked in the oven at 200C for about 20 minutes.

Steak and tagliatta with boskarin (Istria)

Meat of Istria ox (boskarin) is special by its aroma and taste, because cattle feed on natural pastures. Meat boskarin has become a brand, and served with quality red wines from the region.

Arambasic pork (Dalmatia)

Pork arambasic together with chivalric game “Alka of Sinj” is on the list of protected intangible cultural heritage of Croatian Ministry of Culture. Arambasic are filled with meat from chopped beef and pork, together with various kinds of dried meat, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Name Armabasici has origins in the chieftain who is a leader of Alkars.

Dalmatian pasticada (Dalmatia)

Stew is a representative dish of aitchbone. Beef is marinated in vinegar or wine for 24 hours, simmered together with herbs of dried figs, prunes, bacon, and red wine. Dish is served with gnocchi (potato dumplings).

Green pasta with various meats (Dubrovnik)

Green pasta dish is traditionally indigenous dish of Dubrovnik region from 1480. It is consisted of mutton, dry pork, pancetta, dry sausages, cabbage, potatoes and pork fat.

Roasted lamb from Krk Island (Kvarner)

Many believe that this is the best lamb in the world due to various Mediterranean plants that grow on the island’s pastures. Lamb is prepared under a baking lid with homemade potato and various kinds of salads.

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