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Sea bivalves are molluscs which are often called seafood. The structure is made up of two shells containing the body. The body is covered by a cloak. This group includes mussels, homes (vongole), oysters, date shells, sea truffles (Clams), Scallop and shrimp.

We have selected the best dishes in category that you can taste while you are on holiday in Croatia. Every dish includes region of origin. Also, for most meals there is recipe if you want to cook it by yourself.

Oyster stew

There are no words to describe mussel’s meat sauce. Mussels are cleaned and cooked with olive oil, garlic, bread crumbs, parsley, dried vegetables, wine and pepper. Mussels are cooked and covered until opened. Meal is served hot with homemade bread.

Green pasta with shellfish

It is very healthy and delicious Mediterranean food. Noodles are cooked in salted water. Olive oil is simmered together with sauce of tomatoes. Shellfish (mussels), vongole, dried vegetables are covered to cook until the shells open. Shrimps, breadcrumbs are cooked together for five minutes. In the end, wine, pepper, cooked pasta and parsley are stirred together.

Baked capesante (Scallops)

Scallop is a edible molluscs from freshwater mussel family, with delicious meat. The interior of the shell is made of white cylindrical muscle, part of the highest quality. Scallops are eaten boiled, fried and baked in the oven, placed on a greased pan which is flavoured with olive oil and garlic.


As seafood, shrimp are delights for all gourmets. Shrimps can be prepared in several ways of which the most common include risottos, pastas and sauce. Because of the intensive aroma, scrimps have the reputation of being the most famous Adriatic seafood; cooked prawns become the most valued delicacy of Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh shrimps can also be grilled or made as creamy soup. Shrimp Soup is a rich and luxurious appetizer with wonderful flavour.

Lobster with spaghetti

Chopped onions and tomatoes are simmered in olive oil and cooked until a thick sauce. Added half lobster is poured with white wine and sherry. If desired, lobster can be flavoured with salt and parboiled. When lobster armour becomes red, little red pepper flakes together with the cooked spaghetti are added. Serve warm.

Squid stew with white beans (Kvarner)

Chopped onions and tomatoes are simmered in olive oil and cooked until a thick sauce. In a frying pan add olive oil, garlic and chilli. When the garlic starts to get colour add the squid, salt and pepper. When squid become opaque, add chopped parsley, wine, tomato sauce, and finally mix white beans and all sprinkle meal with parsley.

Marine tartar (Istria)

Marine tartar is prepared from fresh salmon, peeled shrimp and lobster tails, green peppers, olive oil, chopped coriander, parsley, salt and pepper. All chopped and mixed is placed in the refrigerator and served after four hours.

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