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Beside the beauty and clear sea, beautiful beaches and sunshine, picturesque places full of cultural heritage, beauty of untouched nature designed for a good vacation, very important part of holidays are food and drink. Croatia as a tourist destination is known for its diversity of delicious Croatian dishes. Croatia offer fresh seasonal ingredients, mostly from biological farming. Specialties offer varies depending on the region.

Along the coast you can find the Mediterranean diet with a wide range of dishes from fish, shrimp and shellfish. Specialty in Dalmatia is fish stew, sardines and Ston oysters. In Istria, popular is cod spread and marinades. The tradition and the art of grilling fish are passed from generation to generation. Olive oil gives irreplaceable flavour of fish on the grill.

Croatian cuisine is not limited to fish. There are many delicacies that are made of meat. Grilled pork and roast lambs are the standard offer. Meat of island lamb is full of flavour and flavour because, lambs feed on pastures, which are rich in Mediterranean plants full of salt. Veal has also a good taste prepared in a delicious tomato sauce. In the interior of Istria and Kvarner, specialty is sausages with sauerkraut and smoked mite, rabbit pedal, lamb. In Istria, specialty is truffle, Grobnik cheese and asparagus.

Specialty in Dalmatia is meat stew and Dalmatian prosciutto. In Gorski Kotar, specialty is smoked bacon, ham, deer, boar, dry lamb shank with sauerkraut and stuffed breast of veal. In Medjimurje and Drava you can taste meat cooked in breadcrumbs, stew filled with vegetables and cabbage; winter delicacy few can compete, stuffed pork sausage, pate goose, goulash and special homemade ham. In Slavonia and Baranja largest specialties are various types of sausages. A special place is occupied by pork sausages, sausage, and spicy stew of beef, stew and ham.

For those who like to taste various delicious deserts, selection of cakes is various. In Croatia you can taste cakes with walnuts and hazelnuts from eastern cuisine, custard slices in honey, egg flan, creamy cake from the Austrian tradition, ravioli, pies, strudels, and delicious cakes with ice cream toppings or one from the rich Dalmatian cuisine. We have selected the best dishes in category that you can taste while you are on holiday in Croatia. Every dish includes region of origin. Also, for most meals there is recipe if you want to cook it by yourself.

Boskarin Carpaccio with goat ricotta cheese and fresh black truffles (Istria)

Meat boskarin, in the world of haute cuisine, is considered as excellent tradition. Meat is very demanding because a bovine animal that feeds on the natural pasture, resulting in tougher and more challenging meat with rich aroma and flavour.

Istria truffles look like potatoes and have a very strong and specific smell. Their fruiting bodies usually develop 10 to 30 cm below ground. There are white and black truffles. The white truffle is one of the best and achieves the highest market price. Like all fungi truffles are low-calorie food, source of vitamin B complex and minerals. Truffles enrich the nutritional composition of meals with proteins necessary for normal functioning of the body. They are served grated or in the sliced just before the end of cooking or before serving. Istria tradition is scrambled eggs with truffles.

Ston oysters (Dalmatia)

Deep sea hides many delights but one of the worlds famous is Ston oyster. Oyster soothes, refreshes and encourages love. Golden medal diploma in1936th year,from London, posted in Vila Koruna in Ston is proof of quality. Oysters can be prepared in several ways, although it is popular to eat raw, fresh and chilled. They can be prepared with dough, fry in breadcrumbs and bake on the grill or in the oven. Oyster is rich in zinc, D-aspartic acid, N-metal, D-aspartate, phosphorus and iodine.


Open fresh oysters and put them on a plate and sprinkle with crushed ice. Lemon is cuted into four parts and served with oysters.

Stuffed Oysters:

Serve oysters on a platter and bake in a hot oven until open. When oysters open, fill empty half of oyster with mixture of bread crumbs, olive oil, chopped garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese.

Peg cheese (Kvarner)

Pag cheese is the most famous and biggest awarded authentic Croatian product. Cheese derives from milk of domestic sheep. To produce one kilogram of cheese, you need six litters of sheep milk. It is characterized by hardness, salinity, specific taste and smell. Taste of cheese is affected by pastures that are rich with aromatic herbs and salt, inflicted by strong Pag wind . Pag cheese therefore has a specific flavour. Cheese goes best with prosciutto, olives, bread and glass of white wine.

Roast lamb from Krk Island (Kvarner)

Many believe that this is the best lamb in the world due to various Mediterranean plants full of sea salt, which grows in the pastures of the island. Island lamb is valued for tasty meat for intense aroma with a little fat. Specific features of the island lamb are a wealth of iodine, and its unique flavour is determined by the salt-rich pastures and Mediterranean plants.

Dalmatian prosciutto (Dalmatia)

The real specialty of Dalmatia is Dalmatian prosciutto which is dried for about two years. It is a product of Yorkshire and Landrace pigs. Pork loin is salted by sea salt and after seven days placed in the squeezer. Finally, loin is smoked and dried in the wind, and when consumed you can feel taste of wind bura and sea.

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